Program Description


Organized content is based on the exam blueprint and will be presented by expert CAPD faculty in both didactic and case study formats. Practice exam questions will be employed and rationale provided to explain the correct/incorrect answer options. An audience response system (ARS) will measure attendees’ knowledge level before and after each session to measure their acquisition of the concepts and clinical application. Attendees will be provided recommendations for resources for advance preparation of the review course.


Learning Objectives

  • Prepare DCNP candidates by identifying fundamental knowledge concepts for successful completion the DCNP certification exam.
  • Using a diagnostic readiness test (DRT), candidates will identify content areas on the test blueprint where they need additional review to successfully pass the certification exam.
  • Recognize and effectively integrate the breadth of clinical knowledge competencies, diagnostics, and evidence-based management into high quality care as a dermatology NP.


Program Highlights

  • Pre-course recommendations for preparation and resources for essential knowledge concepts
  • Prior to the review course, attendees to self-assess by completing a DRT to identify content areas of weakness and strength, directing their focus in preparation for the review and certification exam.
  • 2-day live didactic review with intense focus on “need-to know” dermatology content likely to be presented on certification exam.
  • Detailed session on test-taking strategies to optimize test scores and decrease anxiety.
  • Comprehensive outline of content that aligns with the DCNP exam blueprint.
  • Instruction by expert dermatology NP educators who have successfully passed the DCNP exam and selected for their ability to effectively communicate essential knowledge and critical application of the concepts.
  • Electronic course materials for rapid review.
  • Two days of networking with expert faculty to guide learning and professional development.


Course Materials

All attendees will receive an electronic and hard copy of the review content. Course content will include the diagnosis, management, prevention and monitoring of the complex, acute and chronic skin disorders. The review course content has been designed to fully align with the test blueprint for the DCNP certification examination.