The Dermatology Nurse Practitioner Certification Board (DNPCB) promotes the highest standards for dermatology nurse practitioner expertise for optimal patient care and has established a credentialing mechanism for validating proficiency. The DNPCB recognizes the value of education programs, research, and clinical practice which foster personal and professional growth. Please visit the DNPCB website at http://dnpcb.org.


The DNPCB is currently seeking accreditation through a peer-review process by the Accreditation Board for Specialty Nursing Certification (ABSNC) that award nursing certification organizations who demonstrate compliance with the highest quality standards. The ABSNC is the only accrediting body specifically for nursing certification – http://www.nursingcertification.org.


Attending the DCNP Live Review Course does NOT include the separate application or fees required to sit for the DCNP Examination through the Center for Nursing Education and Testing (CNET). Information for the exam can be found at: http://www.cnetnurse.com/dermatology/dermatology-certified-nurse-practitioner. A separate application must be completed, and fees paid to CNET in order to sit for the DCNP examination.


To be eligible to sit for the Dermatology Certified Nurse Practitioner (DCNP) exam, candidates must meet the following requirements:

  • Master’s degree in nursing
  • Current NP state licensure
  • National certification as a NP
  • Minimum of 3,000 hours of recent NP practice with current practice in dermatology (hours obtained from a formal dermatology NP academic program count towards the 3,000 hours)


In 2020, CNET began offering computerized testing of the DCNP exam at approved testing sites across the United States. Visit the CNET website for COVID-19 updates and changes to test sites, permits and more.

For questions regarding exam sites, contact C-NET at 1-800-463-0786 or cnetnurse.com for further information.