New for 2021!

CAPD’s Inaugural Webinar
DCNP Practice To Pass

September 12, 2021

Hundreds of Practice Exam Questions!

  • Live, interactive webinar
  • Online access to practice questions for 3 months
  • Develop proficiency and confidence in your certification exam test-taking skills
  • Assess your preparedness to sit for the DCNP certification exam
  • Identify content areas of strength and weakness for your personal study plan


DCNP Review Course

Details Coming Soon!

Following our inaugural 2019 DCNP Review Course:

  • A record number of dermatology nurse practitioner candidates sat for the DCNP exam.
  • Pass rates have increased from 62% in 2018 to 88% in September 2020.
  • 95% of attendees agreed that the course improved their professional performance.
  • 97% attendees agreed that DCNP Review Course prepares DCNP candidates by identifying fundamental knowledge concepts for successful completion of the DCNP certification exam.
  • 92% DCNP candidates agreed they developed test-taking strategies that were unique for certification questions.


“This DCNP review was EXCELLENT in every aspect; dynamic and informative; the content was strong and intense; the speakers were engaging and kept my interest. The atmosphere was awesome, and that made the experience a lot of fun!”

“Keep doing what you are doing. Thank you this was long overdue. You are raising the bar for all dermatology NPs in practice. KUDOS!!!”

“VERY helpful to practice these types of exam questions. This REALLY makes a huge difference in preparing for the exam. Understanding how and why to answer certification questions is a critical part of THIS course.”

“This was probably the best review course and continuing education experience I have had to date! The days were long but they went really fast and all of the lectures were pertinent to clinical practice. Thank you for making it fun and entertaining.”

“The test-taking session was excellent. I forgot about the key concepts that you should consider specifically for certification exam questions. All candidates should review these test-taking principles BEFORE they take the exam. Thank you for including this!!!!!”


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